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Monday, August 25, 2008

"rumah sebelah tidak mahu di sewa"

Rumah Sebelah Tidak Mahu Disewa.... joke of the year... the owner of the house put the signboard.. i guess they already fadeup coz lots of people asking about their neighbour house wtr to rent or not... hahah

Monday, August 18, 2008

Norina Engaged - Bertunang

Last sunday 17th August 2008, my sister.. nina@na@norina engaged ceremony... so i was the cameraman ... here some pictures ... my wife the makeup person.. heheh..

pictures below... me , nina and my wife...all biru colour..nice what.. hmm seem like one of politic parties colour... haha keadilan maybe.. haha
the ceremony start when the man side family(translate:pihak lelaki.. heheh) arrived around 12.30pm... so the talking and dicussion start.. as usually Tok Chu represent the girl side..(my family side)..he do the talking.. and bla bla bla.... i dont want to explain everything that has been discuss... boring maaa... so just enjoy the pictures..
and thats me again, with my action...grabbing strawberry.. always like that... need some action picture to put in my blog...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oldies pics... lumut 1998

more pictures... this picture taken in 1998.. after grad from Matrix UUM 98, we went to pangkor island... cuti maaa... that was the first time i went to lumut, pangkor island, perak.
but whose know. i will working at Manjung-lumut... untill now..

picture below taken at old Lumut Jetty.. while waiting ferry to pangkor island.. with egha, and faizal (pejal).. and fared (not in the pic, coz he is the one holding the camera)
me at pangkor.. at teluk nipah.. happy and happy... gayut gayut tu kegemaran aku.. very enjoy that time... takdak masalah apa pun..

oldies pic.. when i were in UUM. Ko-K Kembara

after dig my oldies, or memory pic.. i found more picture.. pictures were taken when i was in Kembara UUM (ko-kurikulum - yg wajib tu, bukan kelab kembara)

explain about the pics.. expidition caving. to Gua Wang Burma at Perlis.. walking almost 6 hour.. including .. going thru Gua Kelam.... but the Gua Kelam not kelam any more.. got electricty what.. hahaha...even motorcycle can go thru...
picture below.. with my friend.. hafiz..
with one of my klik in kembara.. forgot her name already... hehe sorry if you reading this blog..
out side gua wang Burma.. after caving.. this gua wang burma is different from gua kelam.. its a real cave.. so dark.. not even a light can penetrate it.. we need to use rope to going down the cave basement.. and need to crawling in water running inside the cave.. got very big frog what.. very big... but its an experience that i cannot forget untill now..
and i miss my friends Kembara Ko-k UUM.. miss u all..
picture at night, at camp site... after caving.. we need to bath, coz smell like bat dump.. hahah

Monday, August 11, 2008

old pictures, when i were in Matrix UUM

today, i dont know what to do, so dig up my harddisk, i found some of oldies picture when i were in matrik uum.. the year 1998, Matrix UUM, class 1.38..

here some pictures in class, that time i never like to wear necktie, thats why i never wear proper my necktie... always like that (in the picture) .. sometime i miss that time really miss, i wish i want to go back at that time.. really miss my friend..
last saturday went to one of my matrix friend wedding at Kuala Kangsar, Nad, or Norsaranadia.. huhuhu.. its very long time i didnt see her.. huhu..

here another picture me alone, but that i wasnt at my own class that time. i was at other class, i think class 1.37.. haha.. i alwas like that at that time.. always go lepak others class.. haha whut laaa mee

this pic were taken at Malam Anugerah Matrik at Dewan MAS, i think someone beside me on that picture.. if im not mistaken its was Jeselyn, from sarawak..

opsss this is not picture from matrix uum, but its cuti semester matrix.. haha.. that was real me acting as real bat.. coz i am kelawarhitam @ blackbat
compare to my latest pictures, i think .... hmmm.. still same.. nothing change maybe less pimple... others differ.. hmmm nothing.. weight.. still same.. hahaha