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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

long time not update my blog

it s been a long time i didnt update my blog..
not becoz i'm lazy.. sedikit malas..
lagi satu.. phone sony ericsson k550i kena curi lak tu..
someone stole it , at my home.. huhu very sad.. i lost all my contact info..
damn it thieft.. a low life thieft ... ruin my day laa ..
its happen so quickly, i did realise my phone went missing after 1 hour..
its all started, when i order some furniture for my home, and the delivery man steal it after the delivery.. what aaaaa.. ruin my mood.. i hope u will get payback what have u done to me..huhu

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

my friend car jumped into the sea.. at Lumut,Perak

last week report.. hahaha.. first of all when i hear this from my friend i thought it was a joke.. but its a real thing happen.. my friend car bmw (the old one) accidently jumped into the sea near Lumut Marina Wing, the car totaly drown into the sea.. thank god nothing heppen to the drive.. he manage to get out from the car through the window..

pictures: car already sinking.. like titanic.. the rope actually to pull out the car ..

at last manage to get the car from sinking into the deep sea.. hehehe
it takes almost 6 hours to get the car out of the water.. very sad maaa

the red riding hood car.... anything.. thank god nothing happen to my friend.. alhamdulillah..

the driver identity remains secret.. hahaha... malu sat lagi dia..